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27 Dec How do I update the firmware and configuration file? You can do this if you access the PH-D as Administrator. You can upload the firmware. The PHW-D is an ADSL router with a four-port built-in switch and IEEE b/g See your User’s Guide for background information on all features. PR-D Series User’s Guide. Chapter 1 Getting To Know Your ZyXEL Device. Figure 3 Front Panel (PR-D1). The following table describes the lights.

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Bandwidth Classes And Filters Filter Types And Nat Configuring External Radius Server Ad-hoc Wireless Lan Configuration Connection Direction Zyxel p 660h d1 manual Prestige As A C1 Client Configuring Dial Backup In Menu 2 Configuring A Server Behind Nat Chapter 32 Snmp Configuration Remote Management Setup When To Use Filtering Zero Configuration Internet Access Introduction To Zyxel’s Firewall Sua Address Mapping Set Site Map of PcWinTech.

Problems With The Password Internal Sptgen Overview Restore Using Ftp Console Port Speed Ip Alias Setup Maximize Bandwidth Usage Types Of Antennas For Wlan Changing The System Password Application-based Bandwidth Management Example Protocol Dependent Ethernet Setup Federal Communications Commission fcc Interference Statement For “End Port” enter the port you want to forward Example: Wireless Lan Setup Key Fields For Configuring Rules Chapter 38 Ip Policy Routing Static Route Setup zyxel p 660h d1 manual Remote Node Network Layer Options Advance Setup Options Chapter 23 Menu 3 Lan Setup zyxel p 660h d1 manual Wizard Setup For Internet Access How Nat Works Remote Node Filters Navigating The Smt Interface Nat Mapping Types Need help finding you router IP address?

Configuring Local User Authentication